Our range of products

ThoroughFair has a substantial and growing range of products that are top quality and budget friendly, because we believe you deserve the best!


Cleaning house can be a chore but with HYGENIE, our cleaning range will hopefully make it just that little bit lighter.

Dishwasher Tablets

Hygenie is your value solution for your dirty dishes. Made at our facility in Europe, Hygenie is international quality. Comes in both our small 15s and our 90s Mega Value Pack.

Hygenie products


Mozzi Spray is our DEET free, natural range of Mosquito repellent spray.

Mosquito Repellent Spray

Mozzi Spray is DEET free. This means that our active ingredient is a more natural option; healthier for your skin. Suitable for children from six months and available in two sizes: A 250ml family size for the cupboard and a handy 50ml pocket pack for hiking or trail rides.

Mozzi products


Our excellent oral care range will make you SMILE at both the quality and the price.

Toothbrushes and Floss Harps

ThoroughFair, in addition to our standard range of toothbrushes and floss harps, has introduced much needed innovation into the toothbrush category with state of the art toothbrush technology called Nano.

Smile products


We’ve taken the cleaning of your family's hands to the next level; because the experience matters.

Hand Soap

Soothe hand soap is smooth on the hands and filled with moisturizers that not only clean, but also leave them feeling refreshed. We also have Soothe Hygienic, which is our answer to Anti-Bacterial demand.

Soothe products


Our premium range of wipes and Coconut Oil based baby care range will put a smile on the faces of both Mom and babe.

Baby Wipes & Coconut Oil Range

ThoroughFair's new and improved range of Tiggles® baby wipes and Tiggles® Coconut is your 100% Natural and Pure answer to your baby’s skin needs.

Tiggles products


Paper plates and party cups are the essentials at any braai, party or celebration, VIVO caters for it all.

Paper Plates & PArty Cups

The Vivo range is one of the most popular in the horoughFair basket of products. Vivo is about value, plain and simple. Compare prices and feel our quality, you won’t be disappointed.

Vivo products

Wok Time

Our authentic Japanese range of ready-to-eat noodles will have you making stir-fries more often than not.

Ready to Eat Noodles

Cooked noodles for parents with busy lifestyles or students who need an easy ready to eat meal solution. Wok Time comes in two variants: the thicker Japanese noodle, Udon, and the traditional Asian noodle, Ramen.

Wok Time products


Our bite sized treats are the perfect solution for lunch boxes or an on-the-go pleasure; they’re just so YUMMY!

Chocolate Enrobed Biscuits

No matter if you’re young or old, Yumeez is the perfect bite sized treat for those times when you need a spoil. Each Yumeez pack has two indulgent chocolate enrobed biscuits, because one just wouldn’t be enough.

Yumeez products

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